Gallup Strengths Based Coaching

Lisa knows if you are able to identify what you do best then you can align your role around your strengths. Imagine how successful you can be when you harness your unique talents.

Herrmann Brain Dominance

Lisa understands thinking preferences, what makes people think alike, why others in teams think and approach work in a unique way. Gaining awareness of why someone behaves differently during times of stress.


PresenceAtWork Coaching

 Grow your awareness of the larger whole, to lead your team forward. Lisa uses a unique body-based methodology (developed by Jane Weber co-founder of PresenceAtWork) to harness an individual and the team’s strengths. Find out how powerful LBSI is, how it works for individuals and it’s power for your team.

Huthwaite’s SPIN®

Aligning to the principles of SPIN and consultative selling. Lisa coaches teams on how to use a framework and why structure is essential to sales success. A combination of call planning, powerful questions and coaching will enhance most sellers’ growth strategy.


Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling

Guiding sellers to become crystal clear on their value proposition. Lisa will demonstrate a structured way of understanding your clients, who the key stakeholders are and seeing how well your Sellers are aligned.

The Challenger Sale

Remind Sellers to be provocative, teach their Clients something new about their industry (be more competitive). Help Sellers to find new opportunities by taking control.