Coaching Services
Tailoring a custom coaching solution to meet your needs


Everyone’s career path is different and unique. One-on-one coaching is a tailored program designed to help you uncover your potential and take action to turn it into reality.

Lisa has worked with individuals thinking about career change and helped them unlock their potential and re-position themselves for success.

If you are looking to build your exit strategy, or looking to advance your career in your current organisation contact Lisa today.

Sales Teams

Professional sales is a high demand and high performance career. This group sales program is designed to give you and your team practical skills to take back to your business.

Lisa has supported sales teams and leaders to create structure and develop sound practices to grow ROI.

If you want to deepen your client facing and teaming skills and really want change then read below how Lisa can help.



For those who have a business idea but are unsure of how to execute it. Lisa will work with you to create an actionable and working framework to help you move forward.

Lisa has worked with solo entrepreneurs to define what success looks like, to create a working framework to move forward.

If you are a new business owner looking to take your idea and create actionable steps, then connect with Lisa today to help you transform your idea into a working and successful business model.

How Coaching Works


As an advocate and a coach Lisa helps you uncover your big dream. One-on-one coaching is useful for both established professionals and entrepreneurs finding their feet, at any stage of life.

In order to help, Lisa uses the first consulting session to develop a deep understanding of your story, and the future goals you want to achieve.

After getting to know you on a professional and personal level, Lisa uses goal-setting tools and a detailed plan with checkpoints to help you achieve your goals.

Facilitation and Collaboration

As a Facilitator Lisa has led sessions for in-tact teams, sales leaders and sellers. She has deep knowledge of sales leadership methodology and strengths based training. Lisa will tailor her facilitation and training classes to help meet your business’ needs. Her sessions are deeply engaging and will give your employees practical skills (a better way to manage their territory) to help grow your business through customer engagement. Lisa’s approach is to quickly immerse herself in your business and to understand your language, culture and client challenges. All programs are designed to provide individuals with one-on-one coaching (post training class) to embed the learning back into your business.

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